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Teeny Professional Series Fly Lines-Kelly Galloup Sinking
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Kelly Galloup, coauthor of "Modern Streamers and Trophy Fish," lecturer, and guide joins the Teeny Professional Series with two new fly lines. The Kelly Galloup Indicator line was designed to cope with the added weight of fishing an indicator with split shot. "To nymph fish with a floating line for Steelhead or big Trout, you have to add weight to your leader, in order to get where the fish live. Often times you will also add an indicator to detect strikes. This line was designed to pick up and deliver the extra weight needed to fish indicator systems effectively, at any depth." This line is 60 ft long The Kelly Galloup Streamer line was designed to fish big streamers for big fish. "This line was designed to fish a big streamer, at any depth, for the biggest carnivore Trout. This line allows you to retrieve quickly, while keeping your line at the same depth throughout the retrieve. This will keep you in the strike zone for the most savage of predatory strikes." This line is 90 feet long and is a full sinking line.
Fly Line Type: Floating Level

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