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Pautzke's Balls O' Fire Salmon Eggs
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Part of our family owned company since 1934 and the workhorse of our famous Balls O' Fire line, Green Label salmon eggs are the most common salmon egg used by anglers in the world. More than 70 million jars of Green Label eggs have been sold since the 1934. Green Label is our most common egg. Applicable in any situation, the Green Label is a user friendly egg that is derived from king or chum salmon.

There isn't a wrong place to fish Green Label salmon eggs. Competitively priced, they can be fished in moving water or sterile reservoirs. Cooked in a carefully mastered and patented Pautzke process, the Green Label is the most universal egg on the market today.

Hand picked from late harvest king salmon, Premium is our highest quality egg in the Balls O' Fire line. These top of the line eggs are uniform in size, tightly graded, clean and big eggs. There are no loose fragments of eggs in the jar. They are the highest quality egg available. Premium eggs are the perfect egg for the angler who is willing to spend more money for a better product. Keep in mind, because the premium egg is larger than our traditional egg you'll only need to put one on the hook, instead of two in the case of Tyee or Green Label eggs.

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