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Okuma SLV Fly Reel
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SLV Fly Reel Features -
Multi-Disk Cork and Stainless Steel Drag Washers
Roller bearing allows the drag to engage in one direction only
Precision Machined Brass Bushing Drive System
Precision Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shaft
ALC: Alumilite Diecast Aluminum Frame
Diecast Super Large arbor spool design
Non-slip positive grip rubberized handle knobs
Easy to change left to right hand retrieval conversion.

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SLV23Line weight 2/3, Backing 12/50, Weight 4.5 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
SLV45Line weight 4/5, Backing 12/95, Weight 4.8 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
SLV56Line weight 5/6, Backing 20/140, Weight 5.3 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
SLV78Line weight 7/8, Backing 20/145, Weight 5.5 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
SLV89Line weight 8/9, Backing 30/150, Weight 6.1 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
SLV1011Line weight 10/11, Backing 30/220, Weight 9.7 oz
$55.99Add to CartAdd to Wishlist


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by Elrod Custom Rods
I own 3!
I own the SLV in 3 different sizes, and I can honestly say that is the best value out there. I have used it for everything from wild brookies to redfish, and everything in-between. I love this reel. Reels have become WAY overpriced, but thank Okuma for making this and other reels that you do not feel guilty when buying, and are actually worth way more than what you pay.
by Ricky
A reel best buy
This reel is the perfect size 10/11 for the spey rod project that I am building, why spend $650-$850 just to buy a fly reel for spey fishing, this $55 reels does the same job, no reel and I mean no reel is worth $650 you got about $8 worth of metal involved in it, and there is not that much work involved in building it, you could more realisticly build the best fly reel in the world for about $65 parts and labor and if you think any differently you have never built anything or worked for a manufacturer, I used to work for an industrial electronics manufacturer we would build replacement boards for our clients based on a .85 cent integrated amp and charged $375 for the board after build we realisticly had about $37.50 all together into it, it just amazes me how much we are being goughed out of our cash, I really like what Okuma has done here offered a great reel at very affordable price, TFO also makes some of the best fly rods for an extremely low $s keep up the good work Troutlet!!!!
by Adam
Great reel, Great price!
If your looking for a light weight, durable, and affordable reel you need an Okuma SLV. The one way drag is very smooth and can be adjusted to hook up at very light tension or it can be tightened down to turn the strongest of fish. The real can be set for either right or left hand retrieval with little effort and the spool comes off by simply depressing a small metal tab. An extra spool would be a nice addition to this reel because you are going to want to use it no matter what waters your are fishing. I have the 8/9 and have used it on the Brule and North Shore rivers and am very impressed with its durability and performance. I hooked a 5 lb North shore steelhead earlier this week and once I got the slack on the reel it was game over. Adjusting the drag during battle was easy and the large arbor 8/9 cranked the fish to shore in no time. Not only does this reel perform great it looks great too. If you don't wont to put hundreds of dollars into a fly reel but still want something you can depend on and be proud to own definatley consider the Okuma slv. I would buy my reel again in a heartbeat no hesitation. I plan on getting a smaller model for brook trout and pan fish in the future.
by Richard
Very Impressive
I bought this reel for Salmon Fishing. I have to say that I'm impressed with the build and the weight. The SLV balance out my 8/9wt Fly Rod very. I will not hesitate in purchasing another for 5/6wt. I do recommend picking up a spare spool as well.
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