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No-Knot Eyelet
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Quite often flyfishermen will tie a loop in the end of their flyline so that they can attach their leader. Some disadvantages in using this technique are more surface disturbance which can spook finicky fish and this bulky knot and loop tends to get hung up in the rod guides if you reel in too far and need to pull your flyline back through the tip.

There is a cool little product called "No Knot Eyelets" that are tiny barbed shafts with an eyelet on the end. These handy items are inserted into the center core of your flyline for providing a smooth, knot-free end to your line for attaching your leader.

They come in packets of four and are different sizes for different weight flylines. And I can assure you, the largest fish will never pull out one of these if they are sized properly for the right line and inserted correctly.

4 per pack. (2) Small (3,4,5 weight line) and (2) Large (6,7,8,9 weight line) per pack

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by Jon
Work Great
I have had the same eyelet in my line for 5 yrs and it has not come loose. Easy to use, great buy!
by J.P. du Toit
No-Knot Eyelet
Works very well ..Much better than a loop in the fly line +++++
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