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McNett Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter
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Item #: RRMCN41200
Reg. Price: $27.99
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The water bottle with filter uses an activated carbon labyrinth filter to effectively remove pathogens 2 microns or larger including giardia, cryptosporidium and large bacteria. The filter also reduces many waterborne chemicals including lead and chlorine. The bottle's protective cap prevents contamination of the drinking spout. Replacement filters are available.

Directions For Use:

Fill bottle with water 1½ inches (4cm) from top. Insert Aquamira filter and FIRMLY tighten cap. To drink water, lift spout and squeeze bottle. Before using new filter, flush with 1 bottle of water to remove carbon dust.

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by Scott
Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter Review
This is one of the best bottle/filter kits on the market. You cannot find anything that compare for the price. Sililar items are $50. I did extensive research on related items, and the Aquamira is by far the best for the price. The filter in this kit filters everything of concern (Crypto, Giardia), including pesticides, metals (pollutants - lead, etc.), and certain chemicals. I highlt recommend this bottle/filter combo. To increase it's capability you can also use Aquamira water treatment drops in addition. These drops will get rid of certain viruses, which the filter does not. Although, in the US, viruses are not much of a concern.
by RD
Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter
Great product for the price. Easy to use and an effective filter.
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