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Loki Catch & Release Trout Nets
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Item #: MIDCRT1B
Reg. Price: $26.99
Our Price: $16.78


The unique shape, flat bottom and shallow bag on this net help trout lie flatter in the net for easy, quick hook removal. The CRT features the same soft, knotless nylon netting as the Loki Trout Net series along with our Monorail bow. Standard netting color is green. Aluminum Handle and Elastic cord.

Why Knotless?

Knotless netting is superior to knotted. Why? There is no loss of strength at joints and no concentrated points of abrasion. It has a greater yield per pound and is available in a broader range of widths, depths and mesh sizes. Knotless absorbs preservative treatment better and is less expensive!

Model Bow Size Handle Length Net Depth
MIDCRT1B 8.25" x 14" 6" 8"

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by Eric Freeman
Loki Trout Net
Excellent product! Light weight, very fine mesh, shallow net ideal for holding a trout without tangling it so hook can be easily released. I also like the elastic lanyard that allows me to hang the net around my neck and arm, out of the way for fishing but readily available for use without having to release any fittings. Elastic cord stretches enough to let me net my catch without removing the net from around my neck. I'm very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it for all fishermen looking for a net specifically for catch and release fishing. Eric
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