This section provides animated tutorials to teach the proper method for attaching line to hooks, reels, lure, flies, and anything else you happen to try. Click on any knot picture below to open an animated knot being tied in a new window.

# Duncan Loop Knot : This non-slip loop knot allows an angler to pull line into or away from the loop. The Duncan retains 95% of line strength

# Albright Knot: Join two lines of different thicknesses.

# Arbor Knot : The first knot to know. This easy to tie knot is the best way to attach line to any reel. An Arbor knot reduces tangles and gives a solid backing.

# Blood Bight Knot: Create drop loops in light line traces.

# Improved Clinch Knot : The absolute most popular knot used today. This easy to tie knot maintains 85% of line strength.

# Blood Knot: Join two similar thicknesses of line.

# Hook Snell : This knot provides 100% of line strength while giving a direct pull from the hook. This combination provides easier hooksets.

# Butterfly Dropper: Creates a dropper loop in light or heavy lines.

# Quick Snell : Retains 85% of line strength and takes half the time to tie as the hook snell (above). This knot provides a direct pull from the hook.

#< Centauri Knot : Attach hooks through the eye to the line.

# Rapala Knot : Originally developed for use with Rapala brand plugs, this loop knot allows maximum action. The Rapala Knot is a non-slip loop knot that retains 95% of line strength.

# Clinched Half Blood Knot : Attaching swivels,lures or hooks to the main line.

# Double Loop : Often called the Trilene knot because it was developed by Berkley for use with Trilene line. This knot retains 95% of line strength.

# Dropper Loop Knot : Creates a stand out loop for attaching a hook to a trace.

# Drop Loop : Form a loop for attaching sinkers to the main line.

# Flemish Eye Knot : Attach hooks to multi strand wire.

# Grinner Knot : Attaching swivels, lures, and hooks to the main line.

# Half Blood Knot : Attach swivels, hooks and lures to the main line.

# Hook Snood Knot : Attach trace line to a hook.

# Longliners Knot : Attaching a hook line to a continuous heavy main line.

# Palomar Knot : An all purpose hook to line knot.

# Perfect Loop Knot : Connecting lures or fly to heavy leader, trace or shock tippet.

# Spider Hitch : A relatively easy method to create a double.

# Swivel Double Knot : Attaches a swivel to a double with the double remaining intact.

# Thumb : Attaching hooks and rings to heavy line.

# Turle Knot : Tie a hook to a light leader.

# Unis Knot : Connecting hooks, swivels, rings and lures.