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Eagle Claw Trailmaster Pack Rods
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For almost 50 years, Trailmaster is the name that has been synonymous with fishing and family tradition. More Trailmaster rods have been passed down through generations than any other rod made.

The Heart and sould of the new Trailmaster series is the IM-7 Complex Composite blank that not only provides incredible performance in any length, it is lightweight and built for a lifetime of use.

Beautiful engraved bronze reel seats complement the guides and custom silk winding

Contoured cork handles are finished with durable rubber cork foregrips and fighting butts

Solid, Screw-in hardware provides for a secure connection when transforming some models from spinning to its fly configuration

Lifetime Warranty!!

NOW AVAILABLE and now Including Padded Travel Case!!

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TMM66S46ft 6in, 4 pieceSpinning6-14lbMedium
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TM-L76SF47ft 6in, 4 pieceSpin / Fly2-8lb/ 5 weightLight
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by Joel
Excellent Rod for Cycling
The rod fits very nicely in my bicycle rack pannier. I've only used the rod a few times, but it has performed flawlessly. As a fly rod, I pair it with a Cortland CG2. The lightweight reel balances the butt heavy rod perfectly. In addition, the large guides allow me to shoot 80+ feet of line. As a spinning rod, it has fought several large bass with no problems. I'm looking forward to getting more use from this well designed rod.
by Collin
Amazing Rod for Amazing Price
I bought this rod for a 5 day backpacking trip to Isle Royale National park. It stood up very well to all of the backpacking abuse it received and I managed to land my biggest fish ever a 7 lb. Northern Pike. It was able to hold its own against huge pike, and still had enough sensitivity to detect tiny perch nibbles on tiny soft plastics. Also great to stick in a backpack to go cycling with, I bike to the local river a lot and always bring this rod. I have caught countless fish on it and hope to catch countless more.
by Don Fraser
Trailmaster III - ZLIII 600 (model # has changed)
Adding my two cents in agreement with most of the other reviewers. I've had mine for about eight years now. Good bang for the buck, versatile, functional and reasonable quality, spinning or with the fly setup. I tend to take it with me everywhere I travel, salt or fresh and leave my two piece rods in the rack. - A hook loop near the handle would be a real plus. - The only down aspect had nothing to do with the rod. It was purchased on-line through Cabelas USA and it turned out that the aluminum travel case advertised didn't come with the rod. It was available at the time as a mail-in coupon bonus but, as it turned out, only in the continental USA, not in Canada. Had to improvise.
by Scott
Trailmaster II - a great all around rod
I purchased this rod in 2000 (8 years ago) and have been very happy with its performance. It's still going strong and I am taking it to Navajo Dam with me this summer. Great functionality, great price... I'd buy one again...
by A. R. Tandy
Eagle Claw Trailmaster III
Outstanding pack rod. I bought this new rod as a replacement for my original Wright & McGill (now Eagle Claw) spin/fly rod in aluminum travel tube that I inherited from my father in 1971. He had had it for years before his death. The new version is at least as good as the original with the added bonus of composite construction (the old one was fibreglas?) I used the old one with a Mitchell 33 spinning reel and an LL Bean Fly reel. Outstanding value. Highly recommended!
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