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Cortland Brook Fly Rods
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Item #: Brook
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The new Cortland Brook Series fly rods are rods designed from the grip up to meet the special demands of smaller waters where accuracy and finesse are more important than sheer power. Where fishing tiny flies and light tippets to wild and wary trout is the name of the game. Light, responsive, a joy to behold, these are rods you will be proud to own and fish. Carefully tuned actions, nickel silver fittings, slim specie cork grips and a special rod/reel carrier make these rods an unprecedented value.

Brook 663 - 6’6” 3wt 4pc. 2.5 oz.

  • A small stream. Pocket water. Here’s the perfect rod for those secret canopied creeks and guerrilla tactics!
  • Brook 703 – 7’ 3wt 4pc. 2.6 oz.

  • Tricos! The 703 is the perfect Trico rod. Delicate, accurate, easy loading, short enough to maneuver in tight spots, but long enough to control line. Oh, and it’s a great rod for fishing terrestrials and midges too!
  • Brook 804 – 8’ 4wt. 4pc. 2.6 oz

  • Big enough for medium size rivers, small enough for that favorite brook, the 804 is a lightweight performer. Able to throw a wide range of fly sizes, cast short or long, protect delicate tippets and drop your fly on a dime. Midges, dries, small nymphs, terrestrials, spring-time on a mountain brook or summer low water on larger streams. If you have to choose one light line fly rod you can’t go wrong with this classic configuration!
  • Brook 864 – 8’ 6” 4wt. 4pc. 2.7oz.

  • The dry fly specialist’s favorite. Plenty of length for distance and line control, short enough for maximum accuracy, and with enough delicacy to protect fine tippets, this rod excels on any size trout stream. The 864 is the experts’ choice for pin-point accuracy on technical trout rivers and spring creeks everywhere. Floating lines, long leaders, small dries and nymphs are this rod’s forte. Wherever the trout are rising, the 864 is right at home!
  • Brook 865 – 8’ 6” 5wt. 4pc. 2.8 oz.

  • Perhaps the most versatile trout rod size, the 865 is the go to choice of trout anglers everywhere. Able to cast the entire range of fly sizes and types, this rod can reach out when needed yet is still delicate enough to fish light leaders and tiny dries. Whether the menu is bead heads, dries or even smaller ‘buggers and streamers, the 865 can handle the job. Accuracy, control, adaptability, light weight, power and finesse, this rod has it all. The all round trout rod. Period.
  • Brook 1004 - 10' 0" 4wt. 4pc. 4.0 oz.

  • A true, long, light-line fly rod, the 10'4 WT Brook excels at fishing Soft Hackle and Spider type wet flies, and is the rod of choice for French style nymph fishing. Light and delicate, it will protect fine tippets, but also has the power to make long, precise casts with dries, wets, and smaller nymphs. The added reach lets you control a drift like never before! The perfect long rod for Spring Creeks, Tail Waters, and wherever else you need delicacy and reach.
  • Brook 1005 - 10' 0" 5wt. 4pc. 4.2 oz.

  • A true all round 10' trout rod the Brook Series 5 WT will do everything! Czech, Polish, and American nymphing techniques are this rod's forte. But this is more than a nymph rod! If you haven't tried a longer 5 WT on bigger water with dries, or when fishing from a drift boat, you're in for a treat! Light enough to fish all day, and that extra foot of length will reach right across the river and help you get drag free drifts longer than you ever imagined. The Brook Series 5 WT is also great with Soft Hackles and Spiders on bigger waters and is a fantastic Float Tube or Canoe rod.

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    by ron williams
    cortland brook 10ft 4 weight
    this rod is everything and more. I fish midges size 22, to weighted nymphs, soft hackles. power when you need it, yet light and delicate. good job introducing this product to fly fishing industry.
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