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Berkley Trout/Steelhead Egg Clusters
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More durable than real spawn bags. Ideal for all steelhead, trout, and salmon fishing techniques.

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by Karen
Had to rethink my first raiting on this bait...
Well, this bait does work great if fish are towards the bottom in cold weather. I went to a pond in late December that I thought was fished out after fall stocking...floating baits did nothing, but the florescent orange egg clusters caught 2 fish almost immediately, and got a couple more bites I lost. So this bait is great in cooler weather, when fish aren't as active at the top.
by Kim McEntire
Berkley Trout Egg Clusters
One of my favorite trout baits. These eggs are my 'go to' bait. I usually cut each cluster in half. I highly recommend this bait to anyone fishing for trout.
by Karen
Powerbait egg clusters
I was actually disappointed in this bait, but mostly my fault, I assumed it would float like the other powerbait products. I do see from another user (Kim) to cut in half, maybe I will try that one. I have only gotten 1 fish from this bait, while the floating baits normally perform very well. Depending on the bottom surface, these might be more difficult to see, and also trout may tend to feed closer to the surface.
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