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 Teeny Billy Pate Billfish/Big Game Fly Line
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Item #: PRO-BP650
Reg. Price: $69.99
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Billy Pate, fly rod world record holder of Black, Blue, White and Striped Marlin, also Atlantic and Pacific Sailfish, has put together the finest Billfish/Big Game line ever made. One size fits all. This line was designed to turn over the largest flies for accurate presentations, to reduce line drag that could break tippets, to provide a color that a captain can see to help him follow the fish and determine it's change of direction, and with enough weight to get the fly quickly below the surface for a better hookup percentage. "The very short heavy head is effective in carrying out a big fly to a fish much closer to your boat than the normal 30 foot head on conventional fly line. Sometimes the fish may even swim up close to the side of your boat and one needs a very heavy line to carry the fly with only a 15 foot distance to the fish. The extra weight also helps to get the fly down faster when it hits the water, enabling a better hookup than on the surface. The smaller diameter of a fast sinking head also helps reduce the drag on the tippet when the fish is running."
Fly Line Type: Floating Level

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